There are several methods for uploading files and saving them on the Server. In this tutorial, we will implement how to read files using Vanilla Javascript, save file’s binary data in MySQL DB using Node.JS, and view them.

JS code implementation will be the same for all JS frameworks. I assume you have Node.JS basic development knowledge and phpMyAdmin installed in your system.

Let’s dive into implementation.

Create Project

Install following modules.

npm i express ejs mysql

npm i -D nodemon

The project Structure should be like the following.

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In this article, I am going to discuss various Encryption and Decryption technique.

There are basically two types of algorithms that are used for Encryption and Decryption.

Symmetric Encryption

In this algorithm, a single key is used for both Encryption and Decryption. It’s comparatively faster than its equivalent Asymmetric Encryption.

Symmetric Encryption is a kind of computerized algorithm that uses a specific key to secure an electronic message. Its conversion technique follows certain mathematical steps along with a private key, which makes it difficult for a hacker to decrypt. …


Uploading files in Single Page Application(SPA) sometimes becomes challenging. Today we will be implementing how to upload files in the Node.JS server from React.JS.

It doesn’t matter what framework you are using in the client-side, as far it is JS framework Code Implementation will be the same with some basic knowledge. I hope you have Node.JS’s and React.JS's basic development knowledge.

I have already written the same on .NET core web API and React. Please find the following link for that article.

Create Project

To create a Node.JS and React project and install the following modules.

In Node.JS

npm i…


Debouncing in Javascript is an exercise to enhance browser performance during any time-consuming computations. If such a method is invoked frequently then it may degrade our web app performance. Debouncing is a programming practice used to ensure that a time-consuming task does not fire so often. In other words, it limits rates at which functions get invoked.


  • Debouncing can be implemented where searching works like when the user will be typing in the search box and the search results will come from the server. There we can hit server API after the user stops typing(after a certain delay). …

From The Programming Arsenal

A synchronous program is executed one step at a time. Even with conditional branching, loops and function calls, you can still think about the code in terms of taking one execution step at a time. When each step is complete, the program moves on to the next one.

An asynchronous program behaves differently. It still takes one execution step at a time. The difference is that the system may not wait for an execution step to be completed before moving on to the next one.

Although here we will implement asynchronous program that will execute 15 different instance parallelly rather…

From Wikipedia

What is Onion Architecture ?

Onion Architecture is a project structural pattern that favors us with maintainable and testable code for enterprise systems. It enables us to have a different layer for a different level like Model, DA, Service, Controller, View.

Advantage :

  • Loose Coupling
  • Better maintainability at a different layer
  • Better testability as projects are divided into layers
  • Modulour concept

The Layers :

  • DA Layer: DataAccess Layer which will specifically deal with Database operation like Read, Insert, Update, and Delete.
  • Service Layer: This layer will contain our business logic for every api.
  • Controller Layer: This layer will have all routes defined and call to a specific service layer’s function.


Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) is a powerful query language introduced with .Net 3.5 & Visual Studio 2008.

What is LINQ

LINQ API is a query syntax kit at the language level in C# and VB.NET to retrieve data from different sources(database). If we are using LINQ API, we don’t need to worry about data sources like ADO.NET, SQL, and many other databases. LINQ Query results in objects. Specifically, it lets us stay in an Object-Oriented Approach irrespective of Data Sources.

Standard Query Operators

Standard Query Operators are methods defined for IEnumerable and IQueryable types. …

File Upload in SPA(Single Page Application) sometimes raises more stubborn than usual. Today we will be implementing how to upload files in .NET core Web API from React.

It doesn’t matter which framework you use in the client-side, as far it’s a JS Framework code implementation will be the same with little basic knowledge. Although we will be uploading files synchronously in .NET core.

Create Project

Do create a .NET core Web API project and React project.

We will be using Visual Studio Code for React and Visual Studio for .NET core.


First let’s setup CORS in .NET core…

“If You Can Build a Website, You Can Build a Desktop App”


  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, Node.JS, Electron.JS

Today we are going to develop a Simple Notepad in Electron which will be having the following features

  • Open a file, change and save it in the same path
  • Open recent files — Keeps record of previously opened files

Create Project

Let’s do npm init and do the following. It will create a package.json file which will contain out project’s information.

We will be using electron and fs-extra modules. We will be using fs-extra instead of fs node.js built-in module because it favors us with more features.

So let’s install the…

This tutorial explains how to sort Table’s rows according to the table’s column in Angular 9 using a directive approach. We will create a reusable component that will sort the table’s rows. To use this component zero configuration required in any component.ts file. Generally, we will be using an algorithm to sort data.


This sorting component can sort any type of data in a table like alphanumeric, string, number, and date. The configuration is too much less to implement.

Create Project

Let’s start with creating an angular project

ng new sort

Now grab bootstrap CSS and JS CDN from…

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